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Sebastián Reina

Sebastián Reina is a Manager at Spingarn, and leads the area of Aviation, Mobility and Tourism. Sebastián has advised several national and foreign Airlines in the obtainment of regulatory and operation permits, opening of foreign branches, corporate matters, as well as those of labor, tax and customs matters related to the aviation industry. He has substantial experience in the area of national and international commercial air transport of passengers, freight and mail; wet lease agreements, commercial agreements, aviation finance and complementary activities connected to air transport.
His beginnings in the mobility and air transport industry took place in year 2010. Since then, he worked as advisor in aeronautic law, commercial air policy and administrative law for public bodies regulating that sector in Ecuador: the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP), the National Civil Aviation Council (CNAC) and the Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC).

As advisor in Aviation Policy, Sebastián was part of the official delegations for the negotiation of bilateral agreements with the corresponding authorities in Dominican Republic, Australia, Curazao, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Jamaica, Canada, USA, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. 

In 2016, he served as specialist in Commercial Aviation Law at Línea Aérea del Ecuador TAME EP, relating his performance to the commercial activities, and the obtainment of operation permits, commercial agreements and contracts in relation to their main object, which is transport in the areas of commercial, air, public, national and international transport of passengers, of freight and mail; and the connecting complementary activities.




  • Aviation law

  • Corporate law

  • Mobility and tourism law

  • Migratory law

  • Administrative law

  • Regulatory law

  • Customs tax and regulations

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