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Lisseth Armijos





Lisseth Armijos is a Legal Advisor at Spingarn, and is part of the Energy and Natural Resources area and participates in the mergers and acquisitions practice of the firm. In addition, Lisseth has experience in high level public procurement for matters of non-conventional renewable energy. Complementarily, she has ample experience in advisory to companies on matters of international negotiations, mergers, acquisitions, competition rights and corporate matters.
Lisseth acquired work experience in several areas at Consulegis Abogados, a legal firm in Guayaquil, where she worked in the civil, contractual, corporate and labor areas from year 2012 until year 2019.

Additionally, Lisseth obtained experience as in-house lawyer at Nestlé Ecuador S.A., where she provided legal advisory to the requests coming from several departments, most specially in labor law, contractual law, regulatory matters, administrative law and intellectual property.

Before working for Spingarn, she was part of a prestigious international law firm. Lisseth was also eligible for the scholarship offered by the Australian government (“Endeavour Scholarship Program”), which allowed her to complete her Master’s Degree in Commercial Law at Melbourne University Law School.
  • Corporate law

  • Energy and natural resources legal assessment

  • Mergers & acquisitions

  • Corporate assessment

  • Legal assessment for international transactions

  • Negotiation

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