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Kyra Rivera

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Kyra Rivera is the Manager of the Consulting and Administrative Processes Unit for Tax Matters at Spingarn.

Her professional practice focuses on the high-level advisory for tax matters. The main areas led by Kyra are: the analysis of the business context in the tax field and the development of alternatives leading to efficiency in this area, as well as the application of the Tax Law for certain cases. 

She has a substantial experience advising banking entities on tax matters. She also leads tax planning processes, risk and contingency assessment and shareholding structuring. 

She handles the defense strategy for administrative processes, such as challenges, refund requests under the application of doble taxation agreements, tax assessment and reassessment, and related consultations before the Tax Administration. 

She has advised important national and international companies in several branches such as telecommunications, financial, insurance and commercial, during her 6 years of professional career in the tax area. 

She provides support in defense strategy at the Tax Litigation Unit of Spingarn.

She received her Lawyer degree at Universidad de las Américas. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Law with major in Tax Planning and International Taxation, and she is a Tax Specialist graduated at Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar.


  • Legal consultancy in international, national and district based tax

  • Legal assessment and management of administrative proceedings


Master’s Degree in Law with major in Tax Planning and International taxation

Tax Specialist

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