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Javier Angulo

Javier Angulo has been a member of the Spingarn team since January 2010. He is a financial and tax expert with an extensive experience in various sectors. In the financial area, he has participated in business valuation processes, as well as financial restructuring and planning for some of the leading companies at a local level. 

Tax area: He is an Accounting and Tax Expert Witness, qualified by the Judiciary Council, and he has been part of several successful judicial processes. In addition, he is a tax consultant for some companies, and has participated in the tax planning process of some industries. 

His financial experience is focused on corporate financial assessment, valuation of businesses, analysis and structuring of business plans, projection of scenarios. In the tax areas: advisory in tax matter, risk and contingency assessment, strategic advisory on tax efficiency, estimate of possible tax burdens, auditing, forensic audit.

He is a Business Manager graduated at Universidad de las Américas and received an MBA at the same institution. He also studied the specialization in tax law at Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar. 

He is fluent in Spanish and English.




  • Financial analysis

  • Business valuation

  • Business structure analysis and business planning

  • Financial and tax model designing and valuation

  • Tax consultancy

  • Risk valuation and assessment

  • Strategic tax management

  • Tax forecasting 

  • Accounting and financial auditing

  • Forensic auditing

B.S. Business Administration

Expert Witness

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