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Jack Dahik

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Jack Dahik is a Director at Spingarn, where he is part of the Public, Administrative and Regulatory Law department of the Firm. Jack has extensive experience in the structuring, negotiation and execution of public procurement processes in all its stages. 

He has provided legal advice to domestic and foreign companies in public-private projects, dispute resolution processes, government auditing, regulatory aspects and delegations. 

He was part of the General Coordination of Legal Counsel of the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works, acquiring extensive experience in public procurement and administrative processes (2011-2015).     

He worked at the Contracting Advisory Department of the Metropolitan Public Company of Mobility and Public Works (EPMMOP); and subsequently, he held the position of Deputy Director of Service Promotion in the Commercial Management of the Public Company (2015-2016).    

Before joining Spingarn, he worked in the Public Law team of a prestigious law firm in the country.




  • Public contracts

  • Administrative law

  • Regulatory law

  • Corporate law

  • Strategic alliances and public-private collaborative projects

  • Public audits

  • Conflict resolution

  • Legal assessment in public infrastructure projects and public services 

→ Lawyer - Universidad Central del Ecuador.

→ Superior Specialist in Corporate Law - Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar.

→ Diploma in Global Public Law - Universidad Da Coruña.

→ Master's Degree in Procedural Law and Oral Litigation - Universidad Internacional SEK (in progress).
→ Spanish

→ English
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