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Diego Armas





Diego Armas is a Partner at Spingarn, and he is a member of the Tax and Corporate Unit, where he focuses his professional practice. Diego has great experience in negotiation processes, legal counsel, representation in judicial processes, advisory on the management of employment relationship, compliance with control entities.

Tax area: handling of administrative challenges, administrative appeal for tax reassessment, judicial processes of court appeal, advisory in tax assessment, advisory in tax matters, risk and contingency assessment, tax planning and tax efficiency instruments, application of double taxation agreements.

Corporate area: advisory in start-up processes, corporate and shareholding structuring, merger and acquisitions, conversions, acquisitions, takeover and corporate auditing.

In over 16 years of professional experience, Diego worked as consultant for the Tax Division at Ernst & Young. He currently advises some of the most important companies and holdings in Ecuador.
  • Assessment in managing administrative claims

  • Assessment in appeals for reconsideration

  • Banking law

  • Court proceedings related to impeachment processes

  • General tax assessment

  • Tax audits

  • Risk assessment

  • Tax planning and development of tax optimization tools

  • Assessment in double taxation agreements

  • Legal assessment for start-ups

  • Corporate structure and equity management

  • Mergers & acquisitions

  • Assessment in transforming corporations

  • Assessment in control gaining processes

  • Corporate auditing

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