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César Díaz

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César is one of Spingarn’s most valuable assets when it comes to Tax Consultancy, being and expert both in local and international tax. 

Andrés advises on determination processes, administrative claims, coercive processes, contingency and risk analysis. Andrés is advisor both to local and international companies and natural persons, regarding their fiscal liabilities.

César has over 20 years of professional experience. Having worked at the SRI (Ecuadorian Internal Revenue Service) as Provincial Director, Collection Chief, and Large Taxpayers Auditing Supervisor. Additionally, he was the National Director of Continuous Improvement, as well as the Customs Air Freight Regional Deputy at the Ecuadorian Customs Service Office.
  • Tax consultancy

  • Tax planning

  • Advisor on tax control processes

  • Expert in coercive trials

  • Tax liabilities compliance check

  • Tax auditing

  • Analyst of risk and contingencies

  • Appealing debt compensation

  • Assessment in payment solutions

  • Assessment in removement of precautionary measures implemented by control authorities

  • Assessment in tax related penal processes and trials

→ Degree of Engineer in Corporate Sciences (specialization in business, banking and financial management)
→ Master in Business Administration (MBA)  
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