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Tax Consultancy


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Private Equity Management

We assess clients in managing their assets and private equity by generating added value proposals to ensure efficient results.

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Tax Strategies

We develop tax strategies grounded on local or foreign taxation legislation. This enables clients to carry operations appropriately, minimizing potential contingencies.

We advise on tax-related requirements, inquiries or issues that may arise from regular operations.

Regular Tax Assessment

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We design family protocols considering corporate policies to achieve appropriate corporate management and tax efficiency.

Family Protocols

Local Taxes

We offer comprehensive solutions and high-value strategies on tax planning and tax management based on the Ecuadorian legislation, both for national taxation as well as district-based duties.

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We advise and assess clients on customs duties and foreign-trade related taxes.

We represent clients in court proceedings when required.


Court Proceedings


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  • We perform tax-oriented analysis of international structures and operations.

  • We design and implement international tax optimization tools and strategies.

International Tax Planning

Training Courses and Seminaries

  • We design bespoke courses required by clients, based on their specific needs or necessities, to train their teams.

  • We carry out open (or on-demand) up-to-date seminaries and courses to maintain clients updated on recent tax reforms and evolving tax practices.

Administrative Proceedings

We assess clients in administrative proceedings with different taxing institutions.

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