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Legal Consultancy


Asesoría Legal

Labor Law

  • Assessment in contractual processes.

  • Assessment in administrative processes.

  • Assessment in court proceedings.

  • Normative compliance.

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Asesoría Legal 3

Corporate Law

  • Commercial and corporate assessment.

  • Negotiation processes when modifying corporate structures, or control gaining processes.

  • Mergers & acquisitions.

  • Assessment on corporate acts.

  • Registration of brands and commercial names.

  • Registration of patents or inventions.

  • Assessment with administrative or court proceedings related to intellectual property.

Intellectual Property

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  • We assess clients in building all necessary legal documentation to adequately gear their commercial activities and fiscal strategies.

  • Determine the reach of current legal documentation and identify any potential risks or contingencies that may derive from it.

Contractual Law

  • Assessment in obtaining operational and chartering permits, aircraft leasing, insurance processes, aviation taxes, commercial agreements, and financing.

  • Legal assessment in complementary activities to air transport and airport-related services.

  • Preventive and solution-oriented management of customs and migratory related processes.

  • Assessment in regulatory matters in the tourism industry.

  • Advise multimodal transportation companies (air, maritime, terrestrial or river) in in legal aspectes related to their operations.

  • Assessment in designing corporate structures, negotiations, and contractual executions for concessions, public-private partnerships, and strategic alliances.

  • Assessment in public procurement-related processes.

  • Assessment in seaport or airport legal matters.

  • Assessment during public audits performed by the Comptroller General of the State.

  • Representation in legal claims and administrative litigations.

  • Representation during mediation processes.

Administrative and Regulatory Law

Aviation, Mobility and Tourism

  • We assess and advise oil & gas, mining, and PPS service companies.

  • We offer legal assessment in electric power projects, conventional or non-conventional, that use renewable or non-renewable resources.

  • We also provide legal assessment in contractual processes (negotiation, reviewing, and execution).

  • We help identify potential contingencies related to commercial transactions in the energy industry.

Data Protection and Anti-trust Law

  • We are legal advisors to insurance and reinsurance companies.

  • We offer legal assessment in competition law.

  • We provide legal assessment in data protection.


Energy Sector

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