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Andrea Orellana

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Andrea is Manager in the Tax Litigation Unit at Spingarn. 

She received her Lawyer title at Universidad de Cuenca in the year 2013 and her Master’s Degree in Tax Administration in the Post-Degree School of Universidad de Cuenca, per agreement with Instituto de Altos Estudios Fiscales IAEN. 

She has more than 7 years of experience in tax litigation. She worked as Tax Prosecutor at the Ecuadorian IRS, and among her key duties were: the defense in judicial processes in tax matters against this institution; filing of complaints and defense at trials as attorney for the plaintiff in the penal area; she also provided internal legal advisory about the contents of administrative acts by the Tax Administration. 

By virtue of this experience, she now leads the litigation area for an important client portfolio at Spingarn, where she focuses her professional practice on defense strategies in judicial processes in matters related to: preparation of lawsuits, preparation of evidence, Expert Witnesses and hearings at the Tax Litigation Court against administrative acts issued by the Ecuadorian IRS at a national level; she also oversees and drafts cassation appeals for adverse rulings before the National Court of Justice.  

She supports the Consulting and Administrative Processes Unit of Spingarn in the filing of administrative challenges, the defense in assessment processes, analysis on the application of doble taxation agreements, reassessment filings, consultations and the application of the Law in matters of tax advisory.
  • Assessment in tax law interpretation and application

  • Managing administrative claims

  • Assessment in tax audits

  • Development of tax related defense strategies for court proceedings


Master’s Degree in Tax administration

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