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Adriana Heredia





Adriana graduated as Lawyer at Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, and as Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Auditing and Business Manager at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador. 

She has had more than 6 years of experience in the legal, tax and financial fields. She has provided her professional services in international auditing companies, and has participated in tax and financial audits of high level and complexity.

Her comprehensive formation allows her to easily understand the problems and challenges that companies face in legal, accounting and tax matters, and to find efficient solutions.

Adriana Works with both legal and financial teams at Spingarn, creating efficient tax structures of local and international format, locating the possible tax risks in complex transactions. In the legal area, Adriana participates in the development of defense strategies for judicial processes, preparation of lawsuits and legal representation.

Her professional practice covers the development of tax processes in administrative office, such as challenges, refund requests under the application of doble taxation agreements, tax reassessment, processes of tax assessment and control.

Her financial experience allows her to produce financial and corporate structure assessment for existing and new businesses, projection of financial and fiscal scenarios with estimates of possible tax burdens, and provide strategic advisory in matters of fiscal efficiency. 

Adriana is an Accounting Expert Witness, qualified by the Judiciary Council since year 2018.

  • Tax consultancy

  • Tax and accounting auditing

  • Tax and financial planning

  • International tax

  • Court proceedings in tax related matters

  • Inheritance planning

Lawyer Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Auditing

Business Manager

Expert Witness

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